As usual, I’ve been too busy and photographically unproductive to post anything here. The season ends in just a few weeks and we are in the playoffs so things are pretty nuts.

Last week in preparation for our first round series against the Melbourne Aces I made spray charts for their team. This means going through their entire 45-game season and drawing out every hit (and out) that their batters made. The idea is that you can figure out a pattern in ways and places that they hit the ball.

It took a while, so I watched some movies at the same time. Pictured: Scott Pilgrim.

The first game of the postseason started at 2pm on Australia Day, which is (obviously) a huge holiday here. Not only that, but it was about 106 degrees Fahrenheit that day. This means that not only was it way too hot out to play or get people to come watch, but my producer told me an hour before the game that our video production computer was overheating and there was no way we’d be able to do our online stream. This is bad.

I needed a quick solution, so I ran to the canteen and built an ice-cooling rack in about five minutes.

He looked at me like I was crazy, then thought about it for a second, and realized it was worth a shot. Other than having to refill the ice fairly regularly, it worked flawlessly and kept the computer nice and cool. I was pretty proud.

In other news, we ended up winning the series, so we are hosting the championship in two weeks as we look to defend our title from last year. So that’s exciting.

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