Unexpected Move, Spontaneous Road Trip

If you haven’t heard, long story short, I returned to America and thought I was not going to land a baseball job for the season and I was going to relax in Portland. Then I got hired, very unexpectedly and very suddenly. I will be working as a PR & Operations Assistant with the Pacific Coast League through September, which is an amazing opportunity, but it also meant I had to move to Round Rock, Texas very quickly.

Luckily my father was willing to make the trip with me, and before I knew it, I was making a 2,000+ mile road trip with about a week to prepare.


We left Washington Sunday morning, driving about 800 miles the first day and making it all the way to southern Utah. The majority of the drive looked like this:

Luckily the snow was not on the roads so we did pretty well weather-wise, which was a concern.

On Monday we visited two national parks in Utah. First was Bryce Canyon.

Beautiful, obviously. I have some panoramic photos I need to put together too, but I haven’t gotten to those yet.

After that we went to Zion National Park which was just as cool.

That night we made it to Flagstaff, Arizona and ate at a Waffle House diner, which had really cool character.

On Tuesday we woke up and went down to Peoria to catch a spring training baseball game between the Seattle Mariners and Cincinatti Reds. On the way we stopped at In-N-Out, because… well… we figured we had to.

The park in Peoria was awesome and it was amazing just to watch some big league baseball again. If you know me at all you know how excited I am for the major league season right around the corner.

Keep in mind, these were shot from my seat.

Mat Latos.

“King Felix” Hernandez.


Hong-Chih Kuo.

Andrew Brackman. 6’10” Andrew Brackman, that is.

I got a sweet sunburn, but it was worth it in early March.

That night we made it to Tucson so we could wake up in the morning and head across New Mexico towards Texas. New Mexico looked like this:

Yeesh. I did discover a random fake town in the middle of nowhere though:


We arrived in Round Rock on Thursday afternoon and immediately got moved into my apartment. Friday I met up with my bosses and saw the office I’ll be working in. I know this is going to be a great job for the season, and I’m excited for when work starts on Monday. A few weeks ago I thought I was going to be hanging out in Portland for a while, but now I am living in Texas for the summer. Funny.

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