Cross-country road trip with Regina

Last week I flew down to Texas where I met up with Regina so that we could road trip back to Oregon, where we will spend the summer. It was a good occasion to take plenty of photos, given how much stuff we saw.

In the last year and a half I have gotten pretty used to lots of long drives, but it was nice to share it with someone else for the first time in a while.

Stopping for gasoline in west Texas. Yep.

New Mexico.

Entering Arizona. We managed to make it all the way from Austin to Phoenix on the first day. It was our longest day of travel so it felt good to knock it out immediately.

Near Sedona, AZ.

Gina took this from inside the car on the way up to the Grand Canyon.

We stayed in a motel near the Grand Canyon, then woke up at 4:30am the next day so that we could catch the sunrise. It was cold, with frost on the ground, but it was very worth it.


We had a stranger take our photo. Obligatory.

After the Grand Canyon, we headed towards Nevada, and had to pull over and see the Hoover Dam on the way.

We also figured that since Las Vegas was pretty much on the way, and since neither of us had been there as adults, we had to go spend a night there. This is inside The Venetian.

We got dinner at a marginally fancy restaurant inside Caesars Palace. My milkshake cost $8, and then $9 more to add a shot of vodka. Well then.

After seeing Penn and Teller at The Rio, we decided to get a few drinks at the bar near the casino. Two drinks each + tip was about sixty bucks. Whoops. Oh well. Vegas!

The Strip.

The next day we continued north. This is what Nevada looks like.

When we reached Washington, we went to visit my dad in Walla Walla for the weekend. While we were there the annual balloon stampede was going on, and we figured we had to get up early and go see them all take off.

Pretty cool to see.

Now we are finally in Oregon, and will be settling into Portland soon. Hopefully I will continue to take photos all summer.

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